García leyva - 🧡 Which green way: description of the intervention for mobilising against Aedes aegypti under difficult security conditions in southern Mexico

GarcĂ­a leyva

Leyva garcĂ­a SIMON GARCIA

Leyva garcía Beltrán

Leyva garcĂ­a Verania Leyva

Leyva garcĂ­a Leyva v.

cinthya garcĂ­a leyva

Leyva garcĂ­a EGLDEV

Leyva garcĂ­a Preso polĂ­tico

Leyva garcĂ­a

Leyva garcĂ­a

Leyva garcĂ­a

Leyva garcĂ­a

Stobart for Defendant and Respondent.

Through the use of corruption or intimidation, the Beltrán Leyva Cartel was able to infiltrate Mexico's political, judicial and police institutions to feed classified information about anti-drug operations, and even infiltrated the office in Mexico.

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